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How to Buy New Carpet Wisely!

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Carpet Buying Guide (eBook)

By Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert & Consumer Advocate


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  • Where to find the absolute Best Carpet Deals, 

  • Step-By-Step Guide to Selecting the Right Carpet, Pad, and Installation

  • Useful Forms, Diagrams & Charts, 

  • How to Measure Carpet yourself,

  • How to Avoid the Carpet Scams!

  • Everything You Need To Know About Buying New Carpet Wisely!


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Eliminate all the Carpet Confusion! You can't afford to choose the wrong carpet, so become well-informed before you invest thousands on new carpet! You'll be pleasantly amazed when you realize that you know more about carpet than most retail carpet salespeople that you'll encounter. More importantly, you'll save time, money and avoid making costly mistakes! This is the most powerful Consumer Carpet Buying Guide available anywhere at any price. If you plan on buying new carpet for your home, office or rental property, this will be the best investment you've made all year! 


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Save thousands on carpet and flooring replacement and repair!


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Floorcovering Solutions for Rental Properties


Floorcovering Solutions For Rental Property

                    Landlord Flooring Management eBook

    Floorcovering Solutions 

          for Rental Properties

                    By Alan Fletcher - 30 Year Carpet & Flooring Expert




Written specifically for Real Estate Investors, Landlords and Rental Property Managers...

  • Learn How to Choose the Right Flooring Materials for Your Needs and Goals, 

  • Learn How To Dramatically Reduce Installation Costs.

  • Discover Powerful INSIDER Tips and Tricks to Save You Money

  • Discover Little-Known Secrets to help you Avoid costly Problems BEFORE They Happen!

  • Save Time & Money, Month after Month and Year after Year.

  • How To Save Thousands on New Carpet & Vinyl Flooring Replacements and Repairs!

  • Unbiased Information Simply Explained by a 30+ Year Flooring Industry Expert! 


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Strategic carpet and flooring information and resource guide for landlords, real estate investors, speculators, and property managers.

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