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Reducing the High Cost of  Apartment Carpet Replacements.

Replacing worn out and damaged carpet and vinyl flooring is a huge ongoing expense. Rental property owners are warned to keep a close eye on the amount charged for Carpet and vinyl replacements and related flooring repairs.



The Main Landlord Problem


The number one concern for rental owners and property managers has always been price verses quality for carpet and vinyl. There may be another important issue for rental owners to be concerned with...the possibility of being overcharged. 


Why be concerned about being overcharged? It's due to the inherent technical aspects of the industry that make it very common for a flooring vendor or subcontractor to overcharge you for labor and/or materials. This is not to say that all vendors intentionally overcharge you, but many do.


There are many methods used by flooring vendors to intentionally overcharge for carpet and vinyl replacements. These methods are so cleaver that most landlords never discover the discrepancies and would have a hard time proving that it was an intentional act even if it were discovered.


Apartment owners typically spend thousands each year on carpet and vinyl replacements and can only hope that local flooring vendors are charging honest and reasonable prices for both labor and materials. The sad truth is, landlords that need to replace flooring often may be overcharged thousands of dollars for materials and/or labor each and every year. 


Flooring maintenance and repairs


Some landlords are faced with frequent and costly flooring repairs. Water leaks are the most common cause of flooring damage and dry rot which can be very costly to repair. If left unchecked water damage can quickly eat up your rental profits in a hurry. 



Proper maintenance and inspections can help prevent floor damage from occurring and reduce damage severity and repair costs.  


But in order for flooring repairs to last, it is imperative that the repair is performed thoroughly and with the right materials and installation procedures. Most landlords and property managers are not adept at flooring repair methods and techniques and may not be aware that the repair work performed by subcontractors may be inadequate, thus causing the floor repair to not last. 



Who's minding the store?


Landlords would like to believe that the flooring materials are being installed properly when entrusted to a local flooring vendor. However, most are quick to admit they lack sufficient product knowledge or installation experience to determine a good installation job from a bad one. 


It is common for landlords assume that their new flooring is installed correctly and often rely on onsite property managers or management companies to make that judgment call for them. 

When flooring is installed improperly it reduces the life span of the flooring significantly.  



The CFM Solution


Savvy apartment owners and property management companies cannot afford to waste money and are eager to find new money-saving methods and innovative ways to streamline their operations. 

The best way for property owners or managers to address these problems and ensure they get exactly what they pay for would be to implement my Comprehensive Flooring Management Solution


The CFM Solution is designed to give rental owners and managers complete control over all aspects of the flooring replacement and repair process. It makes it nearly impossible to be overcharged for flooring labor or materials when the CFM Solution is in place.

Here are some of the features and benefits of Comprehensive Flooring Management Solution:


  1. Accurate and strategic measuring of each unit.

  2. Material waste management.

  3. Standardized invoicing.

  4. Individual unit inspections.

  5. Maintenance personnel training.

  6. Strategic material selection and pricing.

  7. Predetermined installation procedures.

  8. Streamlined communications with vendors.


And so much more...


As a result of implementing these powerful strategies, techniques and programs, virtually every rental owner will experience incredible savings utilizing the CFM solution.


In addition, the program and strategies are quick and easy to use and streamline your operations. The fact is, you will save much more than just time and money. You will gain peace of mind knowing that you are getting your monies worth. 


Imagine how much money you could be saving right now if you were able to:


  1. Negotiate a lower price for materials...

  2. Buy less material...

  3. Have less material waste,

  4. Reduce labor costs,

  5. Prevent future flooring damage...

  6. Make your flooring last years longer...



These Savings are easily attainable...


As you can see, The savings potential for you is very significant and is very real. The savings can go on and on day after day,  month after month, and year after year! 




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