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Are Flooring Replacements & Repairs Eating up Your Rental Profits?

By Alan Fletcher - 30-Year Carpet and Flooring Expert Alan Fletcher, Author aka The Carpet Professor.


Most apartment owners wasting a ton of money on carpet & vinyl flooring every year! The problem is due to many factors including bad tenants, high tenant turnover, low-quality flooring materials, pet damage, improper installation and water damage to name a few. 


In the past, Landlords could do little or nothing to prevent most of these costly problems from happening, that is, until now!


According to Alan Fletcher, author of Floorcovering Solutions for Rental Properties, Landlords and apartment owners finally have a the unique opportunity to learn how to significantly reduce Carpet and vinyl flooring replacement costs & repairs!



The Carpet Professor Says... 


"Over the years I have developed dozens of simple yet highly effective ways to reduce carpet and vinyl flooring replacement costs, including strategic ways to prevent flooring damage from occurring in the first place. My methods and strategies are easy to implement and will save you thousands of dollars each and every year! My eBook should be required reading for all landlords and property managers everywhere. Floorcovering Solutions  for Rental Properties can literally save landlords thousands each and every year." says Alan Fletcher, Author aka The Carpet Professor.


What's Your Biggest Problem? High cost and shoddy workmanship.


Fletcher says that landlords often pay way more than necessary for carpet and flooring materials & labor and then end up getting shoddy installation which dramatically reduces the life span of the flooring materials.


"Landlords are not minding the store as they should and they are seldom fully advised of all their flooring options. There are many options available which could potentially save them a bundle over the course of a year and each and every year afterwards. 


Floorcovering Solutions  for Rental Properties opens up all the money-saving possibilities and puts the power to save money back in the hands of the property owner or manager where it should be. 


Apartment owners and managers can rest assured knowing that they have chosen wisely, and exercised complete control of all important and critical aspects of their flooring replacement and repair procedures. This is powerful knowledge and advice that is simple to implement, easy to manage and the savings are immediate, impressive and ongoing." says Fletcher


"The trick to saving a ton of money on flooring replacements is knowing how and where to make changes and cut costs without sacrificing quality.


Take advantage of my unique flooring experiences, 

I know exactly how and where you can make key modifications to make sure you get quality materials and the professional workmanship you deserve, while reducing costs and strategically eliminating material waste!"



"A typical apartment owner with just 300 units could easily be saving $10,000 or more each and every year by implementing the simple strategies I have revealed in my eBook: Floorcovering Solutions  for Rental Properties


The more units you have, the greater the savings potential." says Fletcher


According to Fletcher, Floorcovering Solutions  for Rental Properties also helps reduce apartment turnover time allowing units to be rented faster. 


"My unique flooring strategies are quick to implement, easy to use, and the savings can be enormous."


"When it comes to recurring expenditures like carpet & vinyl flooring, landlords often take the advice of those who are selling the products they need. Apartment owners need to follow the advice & experience of an independent flooring expert like me, someone who has their best interests in mind! It is the only sure-fire way for landlords to get their full monies worth," says Fletcher


"I am confident that Floorcovering Solutions  for Rental Properties will ultimately become the new industry standard and forever change the way apartment flooring replacements and repairs are handled. It's time to put control back into the hands of the property owner" says Fletcher.


Floorcovering Solutions  for Rental Properties is a powerful guide designed especially for owners or managers of medium to large apartment communities, and especially for those with multiple rental properties. The more rental units you have, the greater your savings potential. The owner of a 300-unit apartment complex can expect to thousands over a five-year period. 



Greatly Increase Your Rental Profits by:

  • Spending less on flooring materials and labor costs,

  • Making your flooring last YEARS longer,

  • Never being overcharged for materials,

  • Never being overcharged for installation costs,

  • Streamlining communications with your vendors, 

  • Having your flooring installed properly,

  • Training your maintenance crew about little-known industry money-saving secrets, tips, tricks and tidbits that will save YOU a ton of money!

  • Put the power of over 65 years of industry experience to work for you!



Floorcovering Solutions  for Rental Properties gives you control over your flooring replacements and repair costs. You'll be paying out a lot less money to your flooring vendors and putting more profit in your pockets. We’re talking about implementing a Comprehensive Flooring Management Solution. 



Floorcovering Solutions for Rental Properties gives you the power to save money by showing  you how to regain complete control over your flooring replacement and repair expenditures!




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Save thousands on carpet and flooring replacement and repair!


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Floorcovering Solutions for Rental Properties


Floorcovering Solutions For Rental Property

                    Landlord Flooring Management eBook

    Floorcovering Solutions 

          for Rental Properties

                    By Alan Fletcher - 30 Year Carpet & Flooring Expert




Written specifically for Real Estate Investors, Landlords and Rental Property Managers...

  • Learn How to Choose the Right Flooring Materials for Your Needs and Goals, 

  • Learn How To Dramatically Reduce Installation Costs.

  • Discover Powerful INSIDER Tips and Tricks to Save You Money

  • Discover Little-Known Secrets to help you Avoid costly Problems BEFORE They Happen!

  • Save Time & Money, Month after Month and Year after Year.

  • How To Save Thousands on New Carpet & Vinyl Flooring Replacements and Repairs!

  • Unbiased Information Simply Explained by a 30+ Year Flooring Industry Expert! 


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Strategic carpet and flooring information and resource guide for landlords, real estate investors, speculators, and property managers.

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