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Common Carpet Questions


1. How well does Berber withstand high-traffic areas?

I was wondering how well does Berber withstand high traffic areas. Is it easy to keep clean and what kind of padding is the best? I am going crazy trying to decide if I want a plush carpet or Berber. I have a newborn son and know I will soon have lots of messes to clean up!



2. I am thinking of purchasing a polyester carpet

I am thinking of purchasing a polyester carpet, the heavier weight one that is made out of the recycled plastics. I have been told that this is easy to clean, but I thought that nylon was the easiest to spot clean? I have an older dog that does have urine accidents and this is what I am faced with. I plan on putting down a moisture barrier pad, that I think will help w/the cleaning. What is the best type of carpet you recommend for this situation?



3. Polyester carpet

I wish I had found your site last year before I purchased my carpet. I did purchase a polyester carpet that matted down quickly. Even after professional cleaning, it looks like old worn carpet. I had my sales consultant out, who is putting in a claim with the manufacturing rep who is supposed to send someone else out to look at it. Any advise? 



4. Buying carpet from a mill or wholesale

I am re-carpeting my entire home, to include the finished basement, living room, and three bedrooms. It seems to be an expensive endeavor using a carpet retailer. How can I go about buying from a "Mill" or carpet wholesaler? Is it recommended? Any thoughts on the company Flooring America? They seem to be honest and have a great install guarantee...almost seems to good. Thanks in advance for any help. 



5. Office Carpet Types

Commercial carpet question. We have a office with 5 offices and a retail show area. We also have a wood shop so saw dust works it way into office. I am torn between cut pile and level loop. Do you think cut pile is more for a law office and not something like my office where I have a wood shop factory attached. Do you think a level loop 30 oz is the way to go versus cut pile I have about 160 square yards to re-carpet. All carpet places say glue it straight to floor no pad. Budget no issue. General comments on cut pile for an office appreciated. 



6. Considering a Berber in a basement with Kids

I am shopping for a carpet for a finished basement. Our basement is always dry, but like most basements it can get humid in the summer. We will be using a dehumidifier. We have been looking a olefin Berbers and a Karastan nylon Berber. (Khaki Classics). I am now leaning towards the Karastan thanks to your site. What do you think of this carpet and what kind of padding do you recommend? Our carpet dealer says no Rebond for Berbers and we have a choice between a felt and a thicker rubber/plastic pad (with a herringbone-like imprint - not sure what this is called). I'd like the thicker padding for comfort. By the way we have 3 kids.



7. An unpleasant smell is coming from the carpet...

I purchased carpet about 10 years ago and for the past few months I have noticed an unpleasant smell. I went though my room from top to bottom looking for something that might have made my room smell bad, and the only thing I can figure out is that the smell is coming from the carpet. Could you tell me if it is possible that carpet can get mold underneath, or maybe dampness could make carpet smell. Do you have any ideas of solutions? Help!



8. We are thinking about replacing our carpet

Hi, We are thinking about replacing our carpet with Mohawk Frieze or Textured cut pile with Tactesse - which is better? We have your book. The Tactesse has 6.5 twist and the density is about 2000. What is the best Frieze face weight and density to go for? We used your book and its information to go to small claims and won a settlement before we even went into the courtroom... We had a very organized report and were able to argue for replacement of our Berber carpet that was stapled and not power stretched. Anyway, thanks for writing such a great and helpful book. Now we just have to decide which is the best carpet to replace with. We have a big family 4 kids and 3 dogs. Thanks for your help.



9. Carpet installed over ceramic tile

Can carpet be installed over ceramic tile without ruining the tiles?



10. New carpet in our basement... Berber? cut?

My wife and I are planning to replace the present carpet in our basement, which is a worn-out foamed backed Berber. What should we replace it with? Some information to help with giving us advice: 1) We have two cats, one which occasionally claws at our carpet upstairs (which is cut carpet). We have a scratching pole, but he doesn't use it very much. Our other cat doesn't claw the carpet much, but she does claw at cardboard boxes a fair deal, along with the scratching pole somewhat. 2) One corner of our basement, if it rains a lot, and the downspout in that corner of the house is not connected, will result in the carpet in that corner being fairly wet (about a five feet radius in the corner). If the downspout is positioned right - there is no water in this corner when it rains. Should we use a Berber and a under pad 1/4 inch thick? Should we use a foam-backed Berber? Or a cut type? Any suggestions? advice? comments?



11. Wheelchair Use & Selection Of Carpet

Hi, We have a wheelchair user in our household. It is a small power chair and the individual weights about 120 pounds. We need help selecting the brand of carpet for the bedrooms and hallway. The salesman recommends Pet. I think it will mat down to much. 



12. Berber carpet with a soft backing

Thanks for all the very useful information you are giving to everyone, I am planning to purchase carpet for my fathers house, it is a concrete foundation. I am thinking about Berber, the local carpet store showed us some Berber with a soft back. I am not familiar with this and was wondering what advice you could offer.



13. Carpet fibers in vacuum with new carpet

I have recently purchased Shaw carpet for my home. I am concerned because I have vacuumed my carpet at least 10 times and every time I do I have to empty my bag. It is full of carpet fibers. Is this normal? I have a newer vacuum and have it adjusted high. It seems like after a year I wont have any carpet left. 



14. Confused about carpet brands

I have found a carpet I like called Queen Carpet model Watch Hill color Dark Waters 20400. I have also found Cabin Craft color Dark Waters 20400. And was wondering what was the difference was in brands? Or is this the same carpet? I think both are under the umbrella of Shaw carpets. Thanks SW 



15. Carpet in concrete basement

Hi I want to carpet my concrete floor basement. Not sure where to start: I am sure you have heard that before. We have no pets but plan on using the basement often. I don't (yet) have water problems in the basement. I also plan on putting down nice rugs over most of the carpet, so I am not looking for a carpet that is too thick or plush. Otherwise the rugs will curl up:) Any ideas for me? Thanks so much 



16. Hessian or Fiberglass Carpet Backing?

Hello. We have recently built a house in Victoria, Australia and are confused about the type of backing the carpets here have. Most have Hessian on the back of the carpet, but some now have fiberglass. These carpets come from the USA. We have had two different opinions about using the fiberglass backing carpets - one for and one against using it. We were told that in the USA, the fiberglass carpets are glued straight to the concrete, whereas here in Australia we stretch our carpets over thick underlay and nail or staple the carpet to the floor. In addition, fiberglass backing was much better for cleaning purposes with deep stains. Our main concern is that if the fiberglass carpet is laid on a cool day, the carpet will wrinkle and bubble in the summer when it gets very hot due to the fiberglass naturally expanding. We are not sure what or who to believe. Can you please help us at your earliest convenience. With best wishes, K and M. 



17. Rolling chair on carpet

I am considering Karastan Carreau carpet for a home office and was wondering what pad to use? There will be two rolling chairs in the office. 



18. Basement Carpet

Looking to carpet our basement. Found a commercial grade carpet we like both for durability, and appearance. Were told that the manufacturer recommends gluing floor down and installation without padding. Worried about the floor being cold. Please advise. 



19. Replacing carpet tiles

We bought our house 3 yrs ago. Finished basement has 18 inch carpet tiles with rubber like backing over concrete. warm and comfy - fairly thick. no separate padding. small amount of flooding recently. need to replace tiles in 2 areas only. no idea what the tiles are and can't seem to find a match when we visit carpet stores. ideas?



20. Carpeting Stairs

I am researching carpet durability for stairs (and a dog) Have been told Berber with a dog (claws) isn't good choice. So there is Polyester & Nylon. Was told that P.E.T. Polyester is now good for durability (matting) than it used to be, but most of my research says NO POLYESTER. It's in my home so beauty is important but durability on the stairs is my most concern (price not as important either)... What are your suggestions?



21. Recommendation for easy-care, durable carpet

I'm in need of advice - looking for an attractive carpet to use throughout the house which would be easy-care, durable, and suitable for pets, toddlers, and babies. It will include some very high traffic areas. Is there an option that would meet these criteria but still be attractive (not too utilitarian)? (I'm so glad to have found this site! My first thought was Berber, but reading your info, it seems that would be an awful choice!) If you can help, I would really appreciate the advice! Thanks!! RC



22. I need carpet help

I wish I had found your website earlier...before I got into the mess I am in! To make a long story short, we bought P.E.T. polyester carpet from Home Depot 2 years ago. (2 mistakes) For the second time we are having the carpet replaced. Luckily, it is not at our expense. Twice we had holes develop in our carpet and the carpet wore in less than 3 months. My question is, Home Depot is again replacing the carpet. We know we want to upgrade to nylon (we’ll pay the difference), but are struggling to find carpet at Home Depot. We are carpeting our high traffic den and dining room (we have two dogs). I read your recommendation of a twist of 7- but could only find twist of 6.5 and below at the store. Can you recommend a carpet since we are stuck with Home Depot? We found a few, but have no idea if they are decent. Please help!!!! Thank you!



23. Berber

Hi there Alan, Just got back from 2 carpet outfits and had a question. I need carpet for my basement (concrete) and both places recommended Berber carpets. I asked for nylon Berber's and they each had only one roll of nylon Berber's. They said most Berber's are olefin. I don't need a plush carpet for the basement but would like nylon. Do i have many choices in thinner (not plush) carpets that are nylon? Secondly, if i go with Berber should i pay the extra 10 cents for the 7/16 inch, 8LB padding or just stick with the 1/4 inch, 8LB? Look forward to your answer. Thanks for creating such a wonderful and helpful website.



24. Can't decide which to choose Cut-pile vs. Frieze type

Alan, Thanks so much for your wonderful site, I was definitely comfortable with choosing nylon after reading what your comments were regarding nylon. One decision down! However, now I not can not decide between a Lisse' (which I am told is a frieze) with scotch guard from the Horizon line by Mohawk. Or a 100% nylon cut pile carpet by Gulistan. I am told both have a 50oz fiber count. And are scotch guarded. This carpet will go in 3 bedrooms, A master & 2 children's rooms. We have 3 kids and a toddler. The Lisse' is the one I like best however, it worries me because I can easily run my fingers through and see the base of the carpet. I thought that was a no no. Yet, I am told the twist on this one is much tighter than the cut pile, even though the cut pile is very tight and short. Our rooms are very small and there is no room to periodically change the walk patterns. I want durability and easy care, and a nice classic look. We will probably be in this home for at least an other 10 years. We also need to put new base boards in the rooms. There were none in the room to start with. Do we do this on top of the old carpet? Pull the old carpet back and attach base boards as close to the floor as possible? or Wait and put them in after the new carpet is installed? Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much


25. Purchasing new carpet

We are purchasing new carpet for the living room, dining room, hallways (up and downstairs), and stairs. we have visitors twice a week, sometimes with children (we don't have children). nylon, BCF is the fiber chosen, but I'm deciding between plush and frieze. softness appeals to me, but keeping the carpet clean is more appealing to me. what type of pile would you suggest, and also what face weight and density would you suggest? Do you think Dupont Stain master is a better choice than Monsanto stain blocker? is the 6,6 rating really better than a 6 rating? are all brand nylon carpets anti static?



26. Berber Carpet

I am replacing carpet and I'm currently looking at a Berber that is 93% Olefin (7% nylon) Face Weight is 66.1 ounce and density 5707 Can you explain the face weight and density for me? Thank you



27. Carpet padding

I am planning to replace the carpet in my family room and bedrooms as well as stairs. I am interested in the Dupont Stain Master Nylon carpet (about 50 oz weight). However, I am a bit confused about which under padding I should choose. I have two little kids, they play a lot in the family room. The store I went is Giant Carpet, they have two type of pads, one is 5 lb and the other is 10 lb (so did they claim). The carpet price included the 5 lb one. However, they recommended me to upgrade to 10 lb one and it will cost extra 50 cents per square foot which translates to extra $600 for me. I'd like to hear your advice on this issue and how can I know if it is true 5 lb (the free one)? And do you know what is their (The Giant Carpet) reputation like? The reason I choose them is that they have a great sale on for this type of carpet. I'd really appreciated if you can give me some advice on this issue. Thank you very much for your time!



28. Carpet padding

Dear Alan, Thanks very much for your advice, I think I will take your advice to use 5 lb pad, I agree that the 10 lb pad is just too expensive. The carpet I mentioned is Dupont Stainmaster 50 oz (if it is what they say is). The price seems to be great for this quality of carpet, $2.49 per square foot, which includes 5 lb pad and installation. I have wrap around stairs (22 steps) and they charge extra $16.50 per step, which is a bit more expensive than others. I think I will shop around a bit more before I make an final decision. I have another question regarding carpet material. I read somewhere that the new pad (rebond type) as well as the new carpet itself, emits a type of toxic gas called 'volatile organic compound', short for VOC, which can cause certain adverse reaction in some people. I have two little children (2 and 4), I am somewhat concerned about this, do you know any specific carpet or pad is low emission or do you have any suggestions on this matter? I sincerely thank you for your advice and time. Fawn



29. Installation Rates

I am trying to locate a reputable carpet installer in Hollister, CA (near Monterey) Can you tell me what the going installation rate is for this area, and the best place to locate installers. Thank you!



30. Carpet Padding on wood floors

When I bought my house, I had to scrape off nasty, old padding of some sort that had adhered to the wood over time. What type of padding can I use to ensure this does not happen again?



31. Anso Caress vs. Dupont Tactesse

We are planning to purchase some Anso Caress carpet called Karastan Tresca for our living room but I am worried that it is not as good as the Dupont Tactesse. The salesman said that both carpets use the same technology and should be very similar in quality. Do you agree? Also, is the Karastan Tresca considered frieze type of carpet?



32. Ordering your book !

Hello Alan , As everyone else has already stated time and time again THANKS!! I figured if you have already saved me hundreds of dollars just in steering me in the right direction , there must be lots more to learn  A VERY small price Alan, for all you have saved me and others already ! Had I not found your site and sucked up this knowledge like a sponge, I would have been easily talked into P.E.T.! I went armed with your advise to a ma & pa store and asked to look at his nylon carpeting. The guy said he was the owner and he could tell me that polyester was better than nylon and that he don't understand why people keep insisting on nylon when he showed me the charts of the poly wear-ability . I was polite and walked away from the poly and again asked where his nylon samples were . He begrudgingly told me that they were "over there" and wouldn't show no interest in what I wanted. He kept rattling on and on about this poly carpet and how great it is and why I should buy it. He finally said roughly, I don't know who has told you that nylon is better, but they obviously don't know what they are talking about ! I've been in business for myself for 17 yrs. and have never had any complaints!" At that point, I just turned and said very politely, "You obviously don't care to do business with me, so good-day" and walked out. Had I not found your site and backed it up with more sites that agree totally with you, I probably would have been duped! A friend of our family that laid our kitchen carpet (Olefin ) cause we drop a lot of stuff, had told us, NYLON for the rest of the house, DON'T BUY POLY ANYTHING! We couldn't understand why then, but thanks to your website, we do now! Thanks again! Donna



33. Laura Ashley carpet

I am looking at Laura Ashley carpet, Berber, Xtralife nylon. Is the product as good as Shaw Sutton Berber? Will I just pay for a designer name? thanks



34. Could I hide speaker wires under my new carpet

I am about to have the carpet replaced in my home. I have a couple of speaker wires from my new surround sound system that I haven't tried to put through the attic yet (not as young as I used to be). Would it be o.k. to put them under the carpet pad when the new carpet is installed? 



35. Need help with decision

We are a family with young kids and a big dog, deciding on carpet for living room and all bedrooms. We would appreciate your input on our possible selections. Option 1 is Mohawk Nylon Beach Manor with a 45 oz. face weight and 6.5 twist. Cost including installation would be $31/yd. Option 2 is Mohawk Nylon Wunda Weve w/Anso Caress finish. Twist is 5.75 and it is available in face weights of 40, 50 and 60 (we like 50 for the living room since we spend all our time on the floor in that room and 40 for the bedrooms). Cost incl. installation would be $28/yd. The pad included for either selection is 8# Rebond (Tommy Hawk? or something like that?). Is there anything else that we should consider? Can you provide any further information that would help us decide between these two? P.S. Love the site - I've learned so much! 



36. Info about Karastan carpets

My wife and I have decided to by some carpet for our living room but are having a difficult time deciding on the type of carpet. We have finally settled on a Karastan carpet called "Tresca". The problem is that I can't find out any details about the carpet and the salesman said that Karastan doesn't give them out. It is a frieze style of carpet with Anso Caress nylon fibers but I don't know the twist or weight. I have tried comparing it to other carpets that do have the details listed and it seems to be a good quality carpet. Are knowing these details important or should I go more on the look and feel? Thanks for the wonderful website. It has helped immensely! Kenny



37. Re-stretching Carpet at Doorway

What's the best way for a DIY to "re-stretch" wall-to-wall carpeting at a doorway? I am installing a wood threshold and need to pull up the carpeting from the tack-strip, trim the carpet, move the tack-strip, and stretch the carpet back onto the tack-strip. Is there a makeshift knee kicker or other method to do this, without having to rent special tools? Thanks, Anna 



38. Yardage

Alan, You've been so helpful both by responding to questions and with the material you provide in your book. My latest dilemma is that one measurer told me I'd need 190 sq. yards based on a 15' roll. The second measurer says 221 sq. yards based on a 12 foot roll. Should it really be such a dramatic change (31 sq. yards) just based on the size of the roll? Or is this yet another scheme to get me to spend more money?



39. Need Rebond pad info

Hello Alan, The Rebond pad that our carpet salesman showed us has no mesh on the back. I've only seen it with mesh. He says sometimes it comes that way and sometimes like what he has. He says it has a shiny finish to the back and that is what is holding it together, that you don't necessarily need the one with mesh. Is that true? They will be putting the carpet down in about 2 weeks as he said it would be that before he can get the order in. 




40. Metal strips between doorways?

Hello Alan , We were wondering if it is a good idea to have a metal strip between the two different kinds of carpet between the kitchen and living room or if it can just be seamed like before. The installer has us down for 18 ft. of metal where no metal has ever been here before. 



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