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Seven Carpet Buying Secrets Revealed!


About Alan J. Fletcher


Alan J. Fletcher has a unique and rare insight about the carpet and flooring business. If you listen to what he has to say, you stand to save a lot of time and money on your next carpet or flooring purchase!


At the age of 11, Alan was working a few hours on Saturday at his father's carpet and flooring showroom to make a few bucks. Little did he know at the time that this was the beginning of his long career in the carpet and flooring business.


Alanís Father was a carpet mill rep for Berven Carpets of California for over 35 years. Alan's uncle owned and operated a carpet store in Eugene Oregon for over 40 years. Alan's older brother and aunt also had a career in the carpet and flooring business. At the nightly dinner table and at every family gathering, the main topic of conversation was about the carpet and flooring business.


Alan was hired as a flooring apprentice in 1977 at age 18, and trained up by three master craftsmen to install vinyl, carpet, ceramic tile and hardwood floors. The store owners respected Alan's father and they hired Alan as a favor to his father. (Thank You Dad!)


After about five years of training, The company went out of business and Alan was forced form his own flooring contracting business. Times were hard and business was slow for some time. But over the next two decades Alan continued to build and amass his experience and increase his product knowledge by selling and installing floorcovering of all types in custom homes, apartments and commercial buildings. It was a tough road!


In the meantime, Alan has raised two sons, ages 38 and 41 today, both of which have been trained up quite well by their father in the carpet and flooring business. Both of his sons have been able to make a good living and are well respected carpet and flooring salesmen and well-trained carpet, tile and flooring installers. So Alan's carpet and flooring legacy lives on!


Now over 30+ years later, Alan has personally sold and installed carpet and flooring products of virtually every type in virtually every possible application. 


Alan has made it his mission in life to study the inherent characteristics and construction attributes of all grades and types of carpet and flooring materials to better understand and determine and predict product quality, durability, proper application, maintenance and overall product values. 


In 1998, Alan wrote his first 28-page booklet designed to help educate homeowners about how to choose new carpet wisely. In 2000, he developed a domain name known as, a free consumer-friendly website providing unbiased carpet buying articles, money-saving information and sound carpet buying advice for savvy homeowners. 


In 2006, Alan released The Complete Carpet Buying Guide for consumers and it has become a popular bestseller year after year. It is available at for the nominal fee of $14.95 and available as an instant download to any device. 


Alan is available to answer common carpet questions via email and continues to help homeowners learn how to choose new carpet wisely, avoid common scams and pitfalls and save time & money. Due to the large number of emails, not every question submitted can be answered. There are over 200 common carpet questions and answers posted here for you to read. Enjoy!




Alan's latest publication entitled Landlord Flooring Management - Floorcovering Solutions for Rental Properties ($24.95) is designed especially for savvy landlords, real estate investors and rental property managers who want to learn how to reduce the high cost of carpet & vinyl replacement and repairs. 


There are 101 ways for landlords to save time & money in this instantly downloadable 200+page ebook. The link to purchase my eBook is shown on the left of this article.



Alan retired in 2006 and no longer sells or installs any carpet or flooring products, however he still keeps up with the latest carpet and flooring trends and continues to help educate and inform homeowners free of charge through his websites and blogs.


Alan has recently developed several new and updated carpet and flooring websites and blogs now available to homeowners free of charge. 


Alan's list of free comprehensive information carpet & flooring websites, and his frequently updated informative carpet and flooring blogs are shown below:


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This Powerful eBook is REQUIRED READING for....


  • Landlords and Rental Property Owners

  • Home Rehab and Foreclosure Speculators

  • Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Investors

  • Rental Property Leasing Agents

  • Onsite Property Managers

  • Maintenance Supervisors




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Save thousands on carpet and flooring replacement and repair!

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Floorcovering Solutions for Rental Properties


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A Recent Testimonial


Dear Alan, 


As a District Manager for a Large Property Management Company in California, I must say, this is by far the most unbiased, informative and helpful information that I have ever come across with regard to flooring! 


With close to 6000 units in our portfolio, this information is priceless!!  


This is a must read for anyone in or related to rental property. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, experience, and insight.



101 ways to save money on carpet 

and flooring replacements and repairs



Written specifically for Real Estate Investors, Landlords and Rental Property Managers...


  • Learn How to Select the Right Flooring Materials to Meet Your Needs and Goals,

  • Learn How To Dramatically Reduce Installation and Repair Costs.

  • Discover Powerful INSIDER Tips & Tricks to Save You Time & Money

  • Discover INSIDER Secrets to help you Avoid Costly Problems BEFORE they Bite You!

  • How to implement a STRATEGIC plan to Save Time & Money, Month after Month, Year after Year.

  • 101 ways to Save Thousands on Carpet & Vinyl Flooring Replacements & Repairs!

  • Use my simple long lasting strategic methods to Dramatically increase rental profits!



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Strategic carpet and flooring information, advice and powerful resource guide 

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101 ways to save money on carpet and flooring replacements and repairs


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