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Apartment Maintenance... How To  Get "Rent-Ready" Faster!

By Alan Fletcher - Apartment Carpet and Flooring Expert.  


Save Big money making your apartment Rent Ready! 


Here are some smart and money-saving ways to organize the order of events that should take place for your apartment turns. 



Prior to Tenant Move Out


1. Tenant gives 30 day notice of intent to vacate.


2. Management determines rent ready date and rental applications



3. Unit assessment. Maintenance personnel preview apartment at least two weeks prior to move out date.


4. List of necessary repairs is noted and vendors scheduled.




After Tenant Vacates the Unit:


Day one: 

  • Maintenance crew begins repair work in unit 

  • Window coverings removed to be cleaned


Day two: 

  • Unit Painted


Day three: 

  • Clean entire unit

  • Window coverings replaced

  • Maintenance work completed


Day four: 

  • Carpets cleaned 

  • Carpets and/or vinyl replaced (as needed)


Day five: 

  • Final maintenance walkthrough,

  • Unit ready to show or rent...








Save thousands on carpet and flooring replacement and repair!

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