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Seven Carpet Buying Secrets Revealed!


Seven Powerful Carpet Buying Secrets Revealed!

©Alan J. Fletcher

Shopping for the RIGHT carpet is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider. In fact, it is very common for consumers to select the WRONG carpet and to spend WAY more than is really necessary.


Consumers planning to buy carpet for their home should take the time to learn about the various types of carpet and padding and educate themselves about the basic CARPET BUYING PROCESS prior to beginning their carpet-shopping quest. 


Here are seven CRITICAL, money-saving, carpet buying recommendations, revealed by carpet expert Alan J. Fletcher, a 30+ year veteran of the carpet business, that will give homeowners a valuable head start in making sure they make wise and informed choices selecting new carpet for their home.


1. Consider Buying Nylon Carpet

If you want to buy a carpet that will tolerate the most abuse and still look like-new longer than any other carpet fiber, then seriously consider buying a carpet made of Nylon. 


Nylon is the strongest synthetic fiber used to make about 70% of the world’s carpet today. Nylon is also the most RESILIENT fiber available today. Resiliency is the most important factor to be considered when buying new carpet. Do you want your carpet to mat down? Do you want your carpet pile to crush? NO NO NO!


Some carpet fibers used to make carpet today are not RESILIENT at all and if you buy a carpet made from one of these fibers you will NOT be happy...


Carpets made of Nylon are easy to clean, and is the most resilient carpet fiber available today. That means it will look like-new longer! Because Nylon is so resilient, it resists matting and crushing. Unlike other less-popular fibers, it has the unique ability to "remember" the way it was made and return to its original appearance & shape after being repeatedly walked upon. 


Nylon carpets, well maintained and cared for, will easily regain their original like-new appearance after a thorough and professional cleaning, for many years. 


Nylon is much more expensive to manufacture than Olefin or Polyester, that's why it costs more. But the extra cost is well worth the additional expense if you want your carpet to look like new for the longest period of time. Carpeting made from Nylon will typically outperform carpets made from all other types of fibers. 


The key is how well you care for it and maintain it. I can help you with that, I can help you make your carpets last years longer, here's how....(it's in my ebook!)


2. Buy a carpet with sufficient Twist and Density

There are many factors to consider when attempting to determine the quality of a carpet. The fiber used, the number of twists and the density are three important factors you need to consider. 


Twist: When plush carpets are manufactured, fibers are grouped together into tufts and twisted while heated. The more twists each tuft has per inch, the better. Most carpet samples will list the twist rating on the back of the sample. If not, you will have to take a look for yourself. In my ebook I explain how to do it...


Density: The more tufts there are in each square inch of the carpet, the more dense the carpet pile will be. When inspecting a carpet sample, use your fingers to separate the tufts. Notice how far apart each tuft is spaced from one another. It is harder to see the carpet backing if the tufts are tightly packed together. 


If you can easily see the carpet backing through the pile, the carpet is not very dense. What do the pile density numbers mean....


In my ebook I explain it all!


Obviously, the thicker and more dense the carpet pile is, the more expensive the carpet will be. To get the most value for your money, select a dense, plush style carpet with a pile height that does not exceed...

In my ebook I reveal the truth....


3. Comparison-shop to find the best deal

Carpet is a major purchase for most consumers. Be patient and spend sufficient time shopping for the right carpet that will meet your needs and lifestyle. At each store you shop, keep good notes of what carpets you liked, how much they cost and who your salesperson was. 


Always "check-out" the samples from one store and take them with you into other carpet stores in order to compare prices and styles. You should visit a minimum of three stores before you make your final carpet selection.



4. Be sure to use the right padding

Installing the wrong padding can cause your carpet to wear out or develop wrinkles prematurely. Often, consumers who hope to obtain a cushy feel will confuse padding thickness with padding density. Thickness and density are two different aspects of padding. 


For longevity, you want a dense padding, not a thick padding. Rebond padding is a good choice for homeowners and is the most common padding used today. It is made from recycled materials and is reasonably priced. 


With plush styles of carpet, I suggest you use a maximum padding thickness of 7/16" with a density rating of 6 to 8 pounds. Berber and commercial carpet styles may require ¼" inches thick, high-density fiber or rubber type padding. 


Check the manufacturer’s requirements to be sure you use the correct padding to prevent voiding the warranty.



5. Ask an experienced carpet installer for advice

A wise carpet installer can provide you with a wealth of information including: where to find a great deal, what would be a good carpet or pad selection for you, how to overcome problems, and they may also know which carpet retailers are fair and those who are not. Check local service directories; ask friends, relatives and co-workers if they know an experienced carpet installer. 


Often, a local carpet installer will be willing offer his insight and "hands-on" wisdom that could help save you a significant amount of time and money. 



6. Have a professional measure

Never measure your carpet needs yourself unless you are a professional. I suggest having an experienced carpet installer measure for you. There may be a small fee ($25) for the service but many will waive the fee if you hire them to do the installation. Many consumers place their trust in inexperienced salespeople and often end up being charged for more materials than was necessary. 


Measuring for carpet is not as simple as it seems and an experienced measurer can save you plenty. If you were to be over-charged by just 5 yards of carpet, you stand to lose $100 or more. Under measuring can be a problem too, especially when there is not enough carpet to finish the job. 


  • Don’t assume the lowest bid is the most accurate bid. Make them provide you with detailed diagrams.

  • Never rely solely on the measurements of a single retail carpet salesperson. Get at least two bids

  • Always get your home measured by at least two different sources. If they are far apart, get a third.



7. Only use carpet installers with a minimum of 10 years experience

You must have your carpet installed correctly if you want it to last. Improperly installed carpeting may develop wrinkles and lose as much as half of its life expectancy. Insist that your carpet installer...


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